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      420 Highway Sticker

      A classic - slap this puppy on anything to make it 420 times headier.   Details Stock sticker Measures approx. 5"x5"

      Can Sticker

      Express your love of our IPA with this sticker!!!! Construction: Stock Sticker. Measures approximately 5.25"x2.5".  

      Tap Sticker Tacker

      These replica SweetWater tap sticker tackers bring out the bar atmosphere in any room! Construction: Aluminum. Dimensions: 15.5"x11.5". Available in: Blue and Take Two Pils.  

      BlueTake two pilsIpa420

      420 Strain G13 IPA Sticker

      A Strange New Strain Indeed! 420 Strain G13 IPA sticker to get slap happy about!