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  • $25000

Meet the KULA . Yeah, its round! And well, why shouldn’t it be. We figured since all your drinks are round it only made sense. The KULA is a tool for your life. Lightweight, easy to carry, tough as hell and designed to keep ice till the cows come home. From campfire barstool to a beachside lunch box, the KULA is there when you need it.


  • Gatorshell-Food Grade PE Plastic
  • Lid Trax-EVA Foam
  • Tote Handle-Stainless Steel
  • Onehand Latch-Molded Rubber
  • Lid Seal-Molded Rubber
  • Bottle Jaws-Stainless Steel
  • Sticky Feet-Molded Rubber
  • Badass Insulation-PU Foam
  • Tub Drain-Nylon
  • Measures-16.75" (outer)/11.75" (inner) x 14.25" (outer)/11" (inner)
  • Volume-5 gallons
  • Weight-13 pounds



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