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      420 Fest BlackCatTips Poster

      Heady fest, heady poster. Snag this limited edition, number and signed 420 Fest 2016 poster by ATL native Kyle Brooks.   Details Artwork by Kyle Brooks All numbered and signed by...

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      20th Anniversary Poster

      20 Years of Heady Beers! We rang in 20 years back in 2017, and here's the poster to prove it.  Grab this dope work of art designed by John Dunn featuring...

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      moe. 20th Anny Poster

      moe. ripped the lid of this joint during our 20th Anniversary Party. Get this commemorative, limited edition poster to remember the good times! Measures: 11"x17".  

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      420 Fest 2017 Jeff Wood Poster

      Created by renowned artist, Jeff Wood. This commemorative 2017 420 Fest Poster celebrates for our biggest Fest yet!! All posters are signed and numbered. Measures: 15"x24". We cannot guarantee which number poster...

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      420 Fest Poster '15

      Did you love when Snoop Dogg, 311, Cage the Elephant, and more headlined 420 Fest in 2015?? Get this poster to commemorate your awesome time...or to help you remember who you...

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      Railroad Earth Poster

      SweetWater sponsored a Railroad Earth Tour back in 2012. This poster is so vintage, you better get it now! Measures: 19"x12.5". 

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      420 Fest Poster '16

      420 Fest 2016 was a great time had by all! This poster features all the headliners!! Measures: 17"x11".

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      21st Anniversary Band Poster

      Hold our beer, we're finally legal.  Made it to 21 years, and to celebrate, artist Matt Leunig created this trippy poster. All posters are signed and numbers by the artist -...

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      420 Fest 2018 Matt Leunig Poster

      We had a fantastic 420 Fest! If you forgot to get your poster at the park, get it now! Dimensions: 18"x24".

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      22nd Anniversary Poster

      Commemorate the day with our 22nd Anniversary Poster! Featuring full color print  Embossed and Holographic features 11"x17"

      420 Fest One-Eyed Toad Tee

      This little bud is our #spiritanimal so you better believe we'll be rockin this tee all fest long... well maybe just a day because we don't need to be #stank. One-eyed...