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      Wooden Pub Sign

      For the true SweetWater brew-lover, hang this substantial art piece in any room and you'll get compliments! Construction: Screen Print on Wood. Dimensions: 36"x23".  

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      Blue Pint Glass

      Not just for breakfast anymore! Construction: SweetWater Blue logo on one side. SweetWater Banner Logo on the other. 16oz. 

      Cobalt Blue Pint Glass

      Refresh yourself with a Blue brew in this pint! Construction: Vintage Blue Logo with tagline on one side. SweetWater Banner Logo on the other.  16oz. 

      Tap Sticker Tacker Blue

      These replica SweetWater tap sticker tackers bring out the bar atmosphere in any room! Construction: Aluminum. Dimensions: 15.5"x11.5".  

      Blue Blueberry Can Cooler

      NEW!!   The only thing missing with this can cooler is the sweet blueberry pancake taste.  Beer not included. 

      Blue Bottlecap S/S Tee

      NEW!! Blue comin' at ya in shirt form